How to Choose Your Immigration Lawyer

Look for competency.

Does this lawyer do immigration law all the time or only once in a while? Immigration law changes frequently and it is important to deal with someone who is working in the field daily. If they don’t know the answer to an issue, do they know where to look and will they find you the answers? No lawyer can know the rules relating to every country in the world, but they will know where to get you the answers quickly.

Will this person understand your priorities, your circumstances, your needs and wants? This relationship needs to be a good fit because you have to work with this person for a very long time—at least a year or two. See how empathetic this person is or whether this person will really listen to you. This is the person you have to tell very private things to about spousal issues, or problems with parents or children.

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This information is taken from an interview from August 10th, 2007 interview with Jennifer Roggemann, Immigration Lawyer with Jennifer Roggemann Law Office, a Kitchener Ontario Canada Immigration Law Firm. This article is provided as an information service only and should not be used as legal advice. Laws vary by jurisdiction so please consult with an appropriate legal professional if you are looking for help with a specific situation.