Events That Follow A 911 Call For Domestic Assault

When a 911 call is placed by a woman (the complainant) living in Oshawa, or by a neighbor (the potential witness), the Durham police are mandated to immediately send officers to the location of the call.

They usually dispatch 2 officers and, depending on the severity of the case, maybe more. Once the police arrive at the crime scene, they secure it and commence their investigation. They interview the complainant and typically obtain a signed written statement. The police will then interview the neighbors and all other witnesses at the scene. The police will also get the names of other potential witnesses who may be interviewed later.

They will always arrest the man (accused) at the crime scene. If he is not located at the scene then they will search for him in order to arrest him for that domestic call. The Ontario police have a zero tolerance policy! This means that once a domestic call is made, the accused is always arrested regardless of whether the complainant changes her mind and says that she doesn’t want the accused charged and taken away.
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