Why Someone Might Choose To Consult A Lawyer When Applying For Citizenship

Some people consult a lawyer when applying for citizenship because, as with any other application, they want to make sure that the process is done properly from the outset.

The biggest issue often comes with questions of calculating the residency requirement. In some cases we have clients who don’t meet a specific residency requirement but still, for one reason or another, choose to make an application anyway. They have that discretion to be processed to become a citizen and those are more often the cases that we see.

We also have situations where people have, in fact, prepared an application on their own, but then an issue arises that requires the assistance of a lawyer. There may be a problem in the way they have calculated their days of residency or in the way they have represented themselves.

Questions may arise out of an initial application and a client will be issued a residency questionnaire to be completed. This document is a little more elaborate than the original application and indicates that the immigration officials and a citizenship judge are not satisfied with the original application. We often have people approach us when the citizenship office has issued a residency questionnaire.

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This article is taken from a March 18, 2008 interview with Joshua B. Sohn B.A., LL.B. an immigration lawyer with Embarkation Law Group Vancouver immigration Lawyers. Note that laws vary from province to province. Please consult with a lawyer in your own area to be sure of the laws and specific issues in your own jurisdiction.