The Hospital Treatment Given To Patients With Spinal Cord Injuries.

Your time in the hospital is usually spent with various medical personnel, including neurologists, neurosurgeons and all the other people who try to assist you in attempting to limit the damage from the injury, whether it’s the spinal cord, or nerve damage.

Even the cutting of a nerve is not just a simple matter of sewing the nerve endings or the nerve sheaths together. Once a nerve is cut, the lower part of the nerve is forever damaged and the new nerve pathway grows into the old nerve pathway, but it seldom grows back to its full capability. You are always going to have some degree of loss as a result of the transection of a nerve.

In the case of the spinal cord, the damage is usually severe and permanent. The damage to the spinal cord, because it is the major nerve conduction center, stops so many processes from occurring appropriately. Medical experts have not yet been able to solve the problem of scarring that occurs in the spinal cord as a result of injury. They do know now that they have to allow for the swelling in a spinal cord injury and they have to open up the segment of bone to allow some expansion because it is that swelling that increases the nerve damage.

Surgeons go in very quickly – there is a magic two-hour window – and they attempt to open the area up, then they put people in very special striker frames and head frames and haloes in order to allow for the swelling to occur and subside. There are many types of medications that attempt to stop that swelling as well. The more the doctors control the swelling, the more they hope they will be able to save the spinal cord. Although there are a number of very exciting new technologies that are being used on an experimental basis, the cases that we deal with are the ones where they have not been able to stop the damage to the spinal cord and the people have either total paralysis or partial paralysis as a result of the injury.

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