The Experts Who Are Called In To Assist In A Personal Injury Lawsuit.

Often lawyers will call in experts to assist with preparing a lawsuit.

For instance, if the person is not going to return to work, we need to get an actuarial report on future loss of income for the period that the client will not be able to return to work. We also need to get an assessment of future care costs. If the client is going to need ongoing care, housekeeping or assistive devices, or if there will be ongoing physiotherapy, we need an assessment of those costs. An actuarial evaluation of the future care costs is needed as well, which will account for anything that the client requires as a result of his or her injuries. This calculation includes anything that they did not require before the accident which is ongoing and has to be quantified.

We present all of this information as part of the claim. We calculate costs not reimbursed up to the time of settlement or trial. If there are future costs, such as the cost of future prescription purchases, we have to have an actuarial calculation of what it’s going to cost between now and the time that they are expected to recover or for the duration of their life.

Of course, having current information from doctors is also essential, especially since we cannot revisit the case once it is decided. We do not really proceed with these cases until the client’s doctors have provided a prognosis, which is an outlook for what is likely to happen to the injured person in the future. Once a settlement is reached there is no going back.

If clients have ongoing problems with their normal daily chores, such as housekeeping, yard maintenance, etc., we retain an expert to assess the value of the reasonable assistance costs on a current and future basis.

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This article is taken from a April 28, 2008 interview with Ron Folkes, LL.B., Personal Injury Lawyer with Brampton Personal Injury Lawyer in Brampton, a Personal Injury Law Firm.

Note that laws vary from province to province. Please consult with a lawyer in your own area to be sure of the laws and specific issues in your own jurisdiction.