The Meaning Of “No Fault” Insurance As It Applies To A Personal Injury Case After A Car Accident.

When people consult me after they’ve been involved in a car accident, the most common question they typically ask is whether or not they can sue the driver who collided with them.

Usually people who have never been in a car accident before are confused about the process because our insurance system is commonly referred to as a “no fault” system. Often people believe that means that they cannot sue the other driver, and that is not the case. There are some restrictions on suing the other driver, if he caused the collision, but there is not a prohibition against doing so. Whether or not there is the chance for pursuing a lawsuit depends upon several things, however, including, how the collision occurred, the nature of the injuries and the severity of the injuries. Those are the issues we look at on a case by case basis to determine whether someone has the ability to sue the other person who is at fault.

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This article is taken from a June 5, 2008 interview with Rein Lomax, LL.B., Personal Injury Lawyer with Lomax Law Firm Professional Corporation in London, a Personal Injury Law Firm. Note that laws vary from province to province. Please consult with a lawyer in your own area to be sure of the laws and specific issues in your own jurisdiction.