How Long Does The Immigration Process Take?

When I have a client going through the immigration process, I can give them an approximate time frame for how long it will take, but I have to be very aware of what is going on in the political realm.

For example, there have been changes to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act that addresses the huge number of skilled worker applications that are currently pending. There have been discussions and decisions about how to improve the process, but nothing has been decided firmly with clear implementation of procedure. Foreign embassies are waiting for this information, which in turn creates a backlog of overseas applicants again. Immigration lawyers with expertise would carefully wait and see until the procedures are in place. This is the sort of situation that is unexpected and can’t be predicted, so it’s very difficult to answer the question: how long is my application going to take?

Any lawyer who gives a specific time frame for any application right now really cannot be certain. We simply do not know how long the process will take. I try to give people an approximate time, and I offer them any information I have, according to Citizenship and Immigration Canada as well as any pertinent and current legislation. In this way, I keep their expectation of the processing time up to date. In addition, I ask our clients to update us for anything that is happening in their lives to make sure that we can account for those changes, if any.

What I try to do with my clients is let them know up front what they are facing. The process is affected by the political and economic climate of Canada and whatever country they are coming from. So we need to base our plan on the current situation, and sometimes that requires us to change our approach, all of which takes time.

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This information is taken from an interview from June 20, 2008 interview with Jennifer Roggemann, Immigration Lawyer with Jennifer Roggemann Law Office, a Kitchener Ontario Canada Immigration Law Firm. This article is provided as an information service only and should not be used as legal advice. Laws vary by jurisdiction so please consult with an appropriate legal professional if you are looking for help with a specific situation.