The Financial Services Commission Of Ontario (FSCO).

We have a system in Ontario, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, that adjudicates on many types of insurance claims and most importantly on accident and benefit claims.

It is hoped that eventually this system will be extended so that any time an insurer wants to cut somebody off, they must make a proposal to the FSCO.

It is very time consuming and stressful to get in front of the FSCO to arbitrate these decisions. The claimant will have been poked and prodded by numerous doctors and others and then will have been cross examined and basically called a liar during the arbitration process On the plus side, the statistics bear out the fact that almost 90 percent of the claims that are brought to the FSCO for accident benefit adjudication are won by the plaintiffs. Almost 90 percent of denials and situational claims and failure for right treatment are overturned by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. This shows that the medical opinions given by those employed by the insurers are not, in any way, being given any weight.

It’s important to get in to see a lawyer quickly if your benefits are ever cut off. The lawyer can begin the process right away and get your case into the queue, so that it will be adjudicated as quickly as possible.

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This article is taken from a February 1, 2008 interview with Jeff Strype LL.B., Personal Injury Lawyer with Strype Barristers LLP in Toronto , a Personal Injury Law Firm.

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