The Reasons Why An Experienced Immigration Lawyer Can Help Your Sponsorship Application.

One of the things that we do is to see if an applicant for residency is involved in a relationship of any kind. We deal with people who are involved in heterosexual relationships and people who are involved in gay or lesbian relationships. But what we sometimes find is that in some cultures people may have been involved in a relationship over an extended period of time, but because of cultural mores, they are not willing to discuss that with a stranger. Later on when they try to do a sponsorship, they find they have created a real stumbling block for the application because they have not told immigration about this relationship.

Experienced counsel know areas where they have to probe a little more carefully than the questions allow for. Having an experienced lawyer look over the file before it even gets submitted can prevent problems in the future that will cause delays. Lawyers make sure that there are no inconsistencies in the information and can point out weaknesses in the case that could be bolstered by additional information. The time to do that information gathering is before the application is submitted. In all of our spousal sponsorship applications, by spending a couple of hours with our clients before the application is submitted, we have been able to save the clients extraordinary amounts of time and money.

Immigration clerks are required to insure that each file meets the procedural criteria; it has the proper questions answered and the proper supplementary documentation. The secondary issue of whether or not the case meets the definition of conjugal partner or common-law-spouse, only gets into play once a perfect application is in front of an immigration officer. What we do first is to ensure that procedurally the application is perfect and second, we ensure that there’s sufficient evidence in the document to ensure that the immigration officer is going to be able to tell just by looking at the documents on the file that this is a bona fide relationship.

We collect a lot of information to support the claim of a relationship. We look at how much time they’ve spent together, where they’ve been, and what they’ve done together. This can be a challenge because different people have different ideas of what’s important to save. Some people photograph everything. Some people use phone cards instead of actual phone bills so there are no records of calls. Some people erase all their e-mails, or talk on MSN and there’s no record of regular conversations with their partner
We often have to go back through a file and fill in what we see as gaps in time or gaps of evidence showing and demonstrating the relationship or the development of the relationship between individuals.

If the information isn’t in the application it will get sent back and cause delays. We do the information gathering the first time, so when the application gets to someone’s desk, it is complete and can move on. Every time a file is sent back you can add 3 months to the processing time. We work very hard to make sure our clients’ applications are complete and ready to move forward.