The Eligibility Requirements For A Spouse Coming To Canada.

Immigration Canada’s chief concern is that you and your spouse have a bona-fide relationship. They want to know that your spouse has not entered that relationship primarily to gain admission to Canada or to gain an advantage under the Canadian immigration system. They also want to know that your spouse intends to reside with you permanently.

Immigration does check other things, too. For instance, your spouse could be inadmissible if he or she has any criminal convictions. A criminal conviction for impaired driving, which may be considered less serious in other countries, could make your spouse inadmissible to Canada. However, if your spouse had had a serious illness in the last 10 years or is currently suffering from a serious illness, he or she would not be barred from coming into Canada. The applicant’s health is normally relevant in an application for permanent residence but if you are sponsoring your spouse or dependent children, they cannot be refused based on medical inadmissibility.