The Use Of Experts In A Lawsuit Case

It’s not unusual for a lawyer to rely on the advice of experts in other fields, and in the case of a lawsuit, to call in financial experts to go over the books and give their advice on where the case stands.

Sometimes, other experts are required for reasons other than financial expertise.

For instance, I often use accountants as well as handwriting experts. Handwriting is an issue in lawsuits because people try to falsify documents. This expert can date the ink used or determine whether the handwriting has been forged or copied. Handwriting experts can compare documents and signatures, and they are being called on more than ever before.

Experts may be required for medical advice, or for a construction lien matter, or for another issue such as price deficiencies that are being claimed. Lawyers are not contractors or engineers, so we need someone with that expertise because that is the only person the judge is likely to believe, not the lawyer.

An expert has to be prepared to give evidence, if necessary. They have to be able to write a report that is clear enough for lawyers and judges to understand. So over time, lawyers accumulate a list of experts they can call on depending on the case.

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This article is taken from a September 15, 2008 interview with David A. Brooker, litigation Lawyer with Steinberg Morton, Hope & Israel LLP, a Toronto Litigation Law Firm and is not intended as, nor should be taken to be, legal advice or opinion. Note that laws vary from province to province. Please consult with a lawyer in your own area to be sure of the laws and specific issues in your own jurisdiction.