Categories To Apply For Permanent Residence

There are two streams of people who can apply through the new Canadian Experience Class program.

One stream is international students who have graduated from a Canadian institution, and the other is temporary foreign workers who have the right level of work experience in Canada.

To be eligible for the program, international students must have graduated from an educational program at a recognized Canadian institution. The program they studied must be at least two academic years long. Also, they must have at least one year of work experience at a skilled, professional or technical level, and this experience must have happened within two years of their application. The applicant also has to pass a language test to show that they are able to speak and write well enough to do their job. For this category, you cannot use off-campus or on-campus work experience while studying. So a research assistant position or job in the school cafeteria would not qualify. Co-Op positions that are part of the educational program do not qualify either. It has to be a job where they were hired for their professional skills, not just a campus job.

The other stream is for temporary foreign workers who have two years experience at a job that requires particular professional or technical skills. The work experience must have been acquired within three years of the application. Language skills are also a requirement for these workers.

Applicants from either stream can now apply from within Canada. If the applicant is still in Canada on a Post-Graduate Work Permit or a Temporary Work Permit, he can apply without leaving the country first. People who have already left the country must submit their application within a year from the day they left their job in Canada.

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