Extension of Visitors Permit in Canada

Jennifer Roggemann explains how a person can extend their visitor’s permit.

How to extend your Canadian Visitor’s Permit:

Under R.181, a person whose visitor’s permit (entry permit) in Canada is about to expire must apply for an extension for his or her stay in Canada. Regardless whether he or she has met the initial eligibility to receive a visitor’s permit, he or she must meet the same qualifications again in order to extend his or her status. In addition, it’s important to address the following considerations:

1. What is the intent of the applicant for wanting to stay in Canada for a longer period of time than he or she has stayed in Canada already?
2. What is the reason for the extension – is it a legitimate reason, in light of extensive time the applicant would be away from his or her home country?
3. Does the applicant have sufficient funds to support himself or herself without working in Canada?
4. Will the applicant leave Canada at the end of the extended stay?
5. What was the original purpose of the visit to Canada and has it been fulfilled? If not, how much time is required to fulfill the purpose?
6. What is the situation for the applicant back in his or her home country? Is it reasonable or feasible for the applicant to stay for a prolonged time in Canada without tending to responsibilities in his or her home country?
7. Is the applicant a person who is of normal working age? If so, the applicant must be able to satisfy CIC that he or she will not work or study without authorization.

Before applying for an extension, it is recommended that you seek proper legal assistance to determine whether you are eligible to apply for the extension. If you cannot meet the eligibility requirements, it is not feasible or reasonable to apply for an extension in the first place. A record of such an application will remain with CIC and will reflect upon your credibility in the long run.

Currently, as of July 6th, 2009, an extension for a visitor’s permit in Canada takes about 110 days from the day of filing your extension application.

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