Challenges Arises With Dependents In The Federal Skilled Worker Applications

An important thing to realize is that everything that was included in your Federal Skilled Worker application is locked in once the Central Intake Office acknowledges receipt of your application.

For example, if your dependent child is 21 years and 10 months old, that person is locked in as a dependent until your application is processed, which could take a year or more. This means that such dependents cannot work or get married or be in a common law relationship or quit full-time post-secondary schooling, because that will revoke his/her status as qualified dependents. If the child loses his or her dependent status, he or she must submit a brand new application as an individual and the principal applicant must make supplementary submission to withdraw one of his/her now-non-qualifying dependents out of the application. Again, such process may cause significant delay in processing.

In order not to delay such processing, if the over-aged dependent does not disclose that he or she is married or in a common law relationship and comes to Canada as a dependent, this will cause problems when he or she wants to sponsor a spouse or children later on. The family that originally sponsored the dependent can also be in trouble with Immigration because they misrepresented the dependent’s status on the application. The dependent will be in trouble because his status was obtained with his misrepresentation. As a result, not only the application for his or her spouse and children will be denied, but his own status may be revoked by the Immigration because his status itself was obtained illegally.

The Immigration authorities are vigilant in looking for discrepancies and it is important to make sure that the information on your application stays valid, accurate and true until the application is approved and you come to Canada as the permanent resident of Canada.

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This information is taken from an interview from May 26, 2010 interview with Jennifer Roggemann, Immigration Lawyer with Jennifer Roggemann Law Office, a Kitchener Ontario Canada Immigration Law Firm. This article is provided as an information service only and should not be used as legal advice. Laws vary by jurisdiction so please consult with an appropriate legal professional if you are looking for help with a specific situation.