Edward Prutschi Explains Expertise His Firm Brings To The Defense Of Child Pornography Charges.

We like to give clients our technological savvy, our web 2.0 presence, our network with groups of experts and then combine those with the old-school foundations of good lawyering.

Our firm is very actively involved in online presence and online promotion, and as a result, we’re more familiar than many about the types of technical scenarios and obstacles that can arise. We work with a number of experts to make sure that technology issues can be well explained to the judge, jury and prosecutor in a case.

Though our technological savvy is important, what is most valuable is what we’ve done for clients for years in every other area of the criminal justice system, which is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the legal foundations. Though Internet child pornography is a new millennia offense, all the old rules still apply. I need to look at the issues of search warrants, Charter rights, and identification, and treat this offense much like any other offense. How we establish violations and breaches and defenses might require some fairly new technology, but at the heart of it all are still the same rights and obligations that police and accused people have had in every other offense for all time. It’s that combination that we bring to these types of offenses.

There are scenarios, perhaps more so here than in many other offenses, where innocent people get caught up in this. To help and inform potential clients, we have a page on our firm website for what we call “child pornography charges and Internet luring.” We also have a case study there along with a conversation that I took part in on child pornography versus art. As technology continues to advance– particularly in the mobile computing sphere–the law in this area will be playing catch-up and our law firm will be adapting to these changes along the way.

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