The Use Of Surveillance By Insurance Companies.

I tell all my clients, especially motor vehicle accident cases or any serious type of injury, that they will be under video surveillance. They need to be very careful that they don’t overdo it and push themselves too hard. The one time they decide to try mowing the lawn or carry a few groceries or […]

Time Limits And Caps For Personal Injury Cases.

The Insurance Act of Ontario says that no person has a claim for insurance benefits unless they have a doctor certify that their injuries are severe, permanent, and disabling. The doctor must also have expertise in the specific injury in order to certify. The Court of Appeals has dealt with a number of these cases […]

The Timing Of Making A Claim For Insurance Benefits.

The most common question I hear after someone has been injured in an accident is, “Do I have a claim?” The answer is not an easy one for clients because they have to wait and see if they recover first. Or, if they don’t fully recover, their doctor is going to have to support them […]

The Importance Of Having Adequate Car Insurance Coverage.

When people buy or renew their car insurance, the standard rate for income replacement benefits is a maximum of $400 per week calculated at 80 per cent of their take-home pay before the injury. If a person’s take-home pay is far higher than that, they should be exploring buying optional weekly benefits. For instance, if […]

How Long Can A Personal Injury Lawsuit Can Take?

The length of the lawsuit depends on how complicated the injury is. Chronic pain cases generally take five to seven years mainly because these cases, even though most of them are settled, are not settled till after they go on the trial list. The medical evidence is usually complicated and extensive. It takes several years […]

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