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Grounds For Divorce In Canada

Typically, all that’s needed under the Divorce Act is one year of separation with no chance of reconciliation. There are other possible grounds such as cruelty, adultery and things of that nature. But, it typically takes a year to get to the point where the case is before the court. So, rather than go through the added aggravation of allegations... » Read this article

You Need To Revise Your Will Upon Divorce Or Separation

When you marry, the will you had prior to marriage is no longer valid but when you separate the will that you had while you’re married remains valid until there’s a new will or until there’s a document which rescinds the will. If you don’t have a will and you’re separated but not divorced then the Succession Law applies and your former spouse,... » Read this article

Lawyers Can Resolve Separation And Divorce Issues

It’s important to know that less than 5% of cases typically go to trial. Most are resolved much sooner than that and more cost effectively as well. By having lawyers involved initially, it can often save the parties money in the long run. We help negotiate win-win situations for the parties by minimizing tax implications and by maximizing return... » Read this article

The Meaning Of The Term Divorce

When I initially meet people, they often have a misunderstanding of what an actual divorce is. A divorce is granted by a judge and it terminates the civil marriage between two persons. It doesn’t necessarily deal with those issues that people are usually concerned about: for example custody, access, child support, spousal support, or property division.... » Read this article

Is It Necessary To Go To Court In A Divorce Case?

People often want to know if they have to go to court. And our response is, no, you can resolve your matter outside of court and that is usually our aim in all cases. Out of court, you can prepare a separation agreement, which is a contract that governs the terms of the breakdown of your relationship and any ongoing responsibilities that you or your... » Read this article

Spousal Support And Property In A Divorce Case

Another concept people have to be concerned with during divorce proceedings is spousal support. Spousal support is a very difficult issue even for lawyers to assess. Spousal support is based upon numerous factors such as the means and needs of the spouses upon separation, their ages, education and employability, the length of the marriage, the roles... » Read this article

Your Rights In A Divorce Case When Children Are Involved

The number one question that people ask me at the start of a divorce case is, usually: what are my rights? People facing the possibility of divorce want to know what they are entitled to and what their responsibilities are. They need to inform themselves so they can protect their own interests and, if there are children involved, the children’s... » Read this article

The Costs Associated With A Divorce

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is: how much does a divorce cost? There is no simple answer to this question. There are the court fees, first of all. These are fees that are payable directly to the court and the amount is very dependent on the path the case takes. In a simple uncontested divorce, there is a $157 filing fee for the... » Read this article

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