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Do I Need A Lawyer For A Divorce?

One question that often arises when I meet with clients during a divorce case is whether they really need a lawyer. The short answer is that the law does not require a person to use a lawyer. But individuals who do not use a lawyer are taking a great risk. The issues in a family law case are often very complex and individuals who do not have a lawyer... » Read this article

Divorce And Parenting Coaches Help Save Money

The collaborative team process is more than just trying to determine the clients’ legal rights and obligations according to the law. The process looks at the individual needs of the family and tries to find something that works for them so that everyone feels that the resolution is reasonable and fair. Because the process is significantly different,... » Read this article

How The Collaborative Team Process Can Save Money

The best way for clients to save money is to use what we call the collaborative team process which is a way of resolving disputes without the matter going to court. In almost every Family Law case, there are disagreements that cannot be resolved by the clients on their own, and so they need some assistance. Probably the most expensive way of resolving... » Read this article

An Experienced Collaborative Lawyer Can Save Both Time And Money

There are thousands of people who go through a divorce without any legal representation or help because in my opinion they’re fearful that lawyers will make things worse. But, a collaborative lawyer is not that type of person. A collaborative lawyer is there to help the clients make the best decisions for their whole family, and so they’re there... » Read this article

The Factors That Influence Spousal Support

Typically in the past, families were structured in what used to be called long-term traditional marriages where the husband went out into the world every day and earned an income and the wife stayed home and looked after the children. Even if she was employed in some capacity, she certainly generated a much less significant income than that of her husband.... » Read this article

Child Support And Spousal Support Enforcement

The Family Responsibility Office (FRO) enforces child support and spousal support orders. That means that the payer remits it to the FRO, and the FRO remits it to the payee. So, if the mother is supposed to receive $1000 a month from the father, the money is actually flowing from dad’s employer directly to the FRO and from the FRO directly into... » Read this article

Seeking Spousal Support

The issue of spousal support is closely connected to two other issues: child support and property. If you try to deal with this on your own, then you have to understand how the quantum of spousal support will be affected by child support from the husband, as well as what each party contributes to the expenses for the children. On the property side,... » Read this article

How The Amount Of Spousal Support Is Determined

First, we need to look at what amount of child support might be owed by the husband to the wife, presupposing that the children have their primary residence with the wife. The quantum, or amount, of child support used to be a more fluid concept. Now, with the advent of the Child Support Guidelines over ten years ago, the guesswork has been taken out... » Read this article

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