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Whether There Is Anything That Can Support The Plaintiff’s Request For Waiving The Fees

Gregory M. Sidlofsky discusses whether there is anything that can support the plaintiff’s request for waiving the fees. The plaintiff may have a very legitimate reason for bringing a suit against the defendant, and may not have the money to pay the security for costs. This may be why he is suing in the first place, perhaps because of financial constraints... » Read this article

What Happens If The Plaintiff Refuses To Pay The Security For Costs?

Gregory M. Sidlofsky, Counsel to Charles B. Wagner & Associates, discusses what happens if the plaintiff refuses to pay the security for costs. In a lawsuit, if the defendant requests an order for security for costs and it is not paid, the case is halted. A provision in the Rules of Civil Procedure states that, if the plaintiff is not in compliance... » Read this article

Issues Surrounding Incorporations And Steps That Can Be Taken To Minimize The Chances Of Litigation And Personal Liability

One mistake many people make when they incorporate a company is that they think they can do it themselves, without a lawyer or the help of another professional, in order to save a few hundred dollars in fees. Many people start a company in order to avoid personal liability (an entirely legitimate reason) but, too often, they end up being personally... » Read this article

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