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The Use Of Surveillance By Insurance Companies.

I tell all my clients, especially motor vehicle accident cases or any serious type of injury, that they will be under video surveillance. They need to be very careful that they don’t overdo it and push themselves too hard. The one time they decide to try mowing the lawn or carry a few groceries or instinctively pick up their child is the one time... » Read this article

Time Limits And Caps For Personal Injury Cases.

The Insurance Act of Ontario says that no person has a claim for insurance benefits unless they have a doctor certify that their injuries are severe, permanent, and disabling. The doctor must also have expertise in the specific injury in order to certify. The Court of Appeals has dealt with a number of these cases in which the insurance company did... » Read this article

The Timing Of Making A Claim For Insurance Benefits.

The most common question I hear after someone has been injured in an accident is, “Do I have a claim?” The answer is not an easy one for clients because they have to wait and see if they recover first. Or, if they don’t fully recover, their doctor is going to have to support them with documentation to show that their injuries are severe, permanent... » Read this article

How Insurance Companies Use Surveillance In Long-Term Disability Cases?

Surveillance can be very important for an insurance company for two reasons. It may satisfy them that this person is truly disabled and is having considerable problems. On the other hand, surveillance may also give them evidence that the claim is fraudulent. They may film the claimant at work when the claimant says he is unable to earn an income.... » Read this article

The Use Of Mediation To Resolve Disability Claim Cases.

Generally, a disability claim requires that we go into litigation, meaning we have to commence a law suit seeking a declaration that the insurance company owes the benefits that are being claimed. We may also bring a claim for aggravated or punitive type damages against the insurance company if we think they have unfairly refused benefits. Throughout... » Read this article

The Factors That Determine Total Disability Benefits.

Initially, you will have to be proven to be disabled in terms of your own occupation, meaning that you are unable to continue doing your current job. At a two-year mark, the definition of being disabled will change. This test is more difficult to meet because it becomes a total disability test. You need to show that you are disabled from any occupation... » Read this article

The Responsibilities Of Property Owners To Avoid Personal Injury Claims Due To Dangerous Premises.

People are expected to take the responsibility for their own safety if they are walking. On the other hand, the owner of the property also has a responsibility to ensure that it is safe for people who are going to use the property. That’s the point of the No Trespassing sign, for instance. You are telling people not to come on the property. A... » Read this article

How A Lawyer Can Help Determine If You Have A Claim For Compensation For Personal Injury In A Dangerous Premises Claim

If someone is injured on someone else’s property, a lawyer can help in determining whether or not the injured person has a claim for compensation. The first thing we have to look at is whether there was some negligence on the part of the occupier, landlord or owner of the land. There are a number of different people, companies or businesses who... » Read this article

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