Consequences Of An Impaired Driving Conviction

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We have asked several of Lawyershop’s experts on Criminal Law to bring you their insights into Impaired Driving charges and their consequences. Aside from the mandatory minimum penalties prescribed by the Criminal Code for an Impaired Driving conviction, the accused faces other serious problems. With a criminal record, doors to jobs or travel may well […]

The Consequences Of Conviction For Fraud

September 4, 2008 by  
Category: Fraud

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Ed Prutschi explains the consequences of being convicted for fraud. Sentencing can range from scenarios where a person does not go to jail, all the way up to sentences that are extremely lengthy in the 10, 15, 20 years for multimillion-dollar complex frauds perpetrated against employers in a breach of trust scenario that were planned […]

Why You Should Consult A Criminal Lawyer In The Event Of A Shoplifting Charge

September 2, 2008 by  
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A person accused of shoplifting ought to consider hiring a lawyer to advise them. An incident that seems very mild, or not very serious, might not be as clear cut as you think. If you are detained or arrested, you have to have your rights read to you. But if you are detained prior to […]

What Type Of Evidence Is Required In Order To Charge And Convict A Person Of Murder

July 9, 2008 by  
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Bruce Engel describes what type of evidence is required in order to charge and convict a person that has been charged with murder. If you, or someone you care about, is dealing with criminal law issues in the Ottawa, Ontario Region, contact Engel and Associates for a consultation. This podcast is taken from a 25 […]

The Penalties For An Impaired Driving Charge Or Conviction

January 21, 2008 by  
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If a person is charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle, or with impaired care and control, Alberta traffic law automatically suspends the operator’s license for 90 days. However, there is a grace period. The police take away your driver’s license, the plastic card, and they cut it up right there at the roadside. […]

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