How Much Will It Cost To Hire An Immigration Lawyer?

July 29, 2008 by  
Category: Immigration Law

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I usually separate the cost into three categories: the legal fee, government disbursements and other disbursements. The legal fee is what you pay for your lawyer to do his/her job. Legal fees may vary depending upon several factors such as the time devoted, the legal complexity, the matters needed to be dealt with or the […]

Questions To Ask A Medical Malpractice Lawyer

June 27, 2008 by  
Category: Podcasts

Jeff Strype, explains auestions to ask a medical malpractice lawyer. If you, or someone you care about, is dealing with Personal Injury law issues in the Toronto, Ontario Region, contact Strype Barristers LLP for a consultation. This podcast is taken from a December 2007 interview with Jeff Strype, Medical Malpractice Lawyer with Strype Barristers LLP, […]

What Happens When The Court Has Removed An Executor?

June 20, 2008 by  
Category: Executors and Trustees

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Depending on who is involved, there will be different choices facing the court. If there was an alternative executor, acceptable to all parties, named in the will, that provides an easy solution. But it may be that the beneficiaries disagree as to who would be the most appropriate alternative trustee. In those instances, the estate […]

Why An Estate Plan Must Address The Needs Of Your Family

May 27, 2008 by  
Category: Estate Law

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Having an up-to-date and well-considered estate plan is essential to ensure that people’s families and their own needs are met. If you do not have proper documentation in place, in terms of your will, then your assets are not going to be distributed the way you want them to be. Provincial legislation will dictate how […]

Why Is It Important To Have A Lawyer Draft Your Will

May 23, 2008 by  
Category: Wills

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There are people who, for whatever reason, just do not want to go see a lawyer for assistance in preparing their will. They would rather use a do-it-yourself kit, and that’s unfortunate because when they prepare the will themselves, they are setting up their families for potentially tremendous problems down the road. Problems arise with […]

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