Mistakes And Misconceptions In Cases Involving Personal Injury.

November 7, 2007 by  
Category: Personal Injury Law

Generally speaking, the biggest mistake people tend to make in a personal injury case is not regularly attending their family doctor. It is very important to see your doctor regularly while you are having problems, even if you are being treated by somebody else. Be sure to discuss all the problems you are having, whether […]

What Is The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Charged With Domestic Assault

October 30, 2007 by  
Category: Assault

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The major problem results from the conditions of the accused’s bail that state there can be no communication between the accused and the complainant. This is very problematic for the person who wants to continue in a family relationship but does not want to plead guilty. The accused has the problem of needing to provide […]

Mistakes The Accused Should Avoid In A Domestic Assault Case

October 18, 2007 by  
Category: Assault

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Problems arise when the accused or the victims think they can deal with the case themselves. They don’t need a lawyer. Husband and wife speak after charges. They agree that both of them got into the problem and both of them are going to resolve it. The first problem is the accused’s bail commission. He […]

Mistakes People Should Avoid In Employment Situations

September 24, 2007 by  
Category: General

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When dealing with employment situations, the most common mistakes people make are failing to document their position, failing to respond to documentation when they are presented with it, and the appearance of acquiescing or agreeing to documents by not putting your position down in writing. Not responding or not stating your position When you are […]

Mistakes to avoid when you suspect medical negligence.

August 2, 2007 by  
Category: Medical Malpractice

“I think that most people tend not to realize that once a significant error has occurred, it may be very difficult for them to continue with the medical services with the person who potentially was the cause of the error. And most people are actually really quite forgiving especially if the medical person tells them […]

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