Wrongful Death Claims.

April 28, 2008 by  
Category: Wrongful Death

In order to make a claim for compensation, there must be three factors present. You must be able to prove that someone was negligent. For instance, in a traffic accident, you have to be able to prove that somebody else was responsible for the death. Also, the death has to ensue from the injuries suffered […]

How Experts Help In Trying To Prove Negligence Causing Death

April 25, 2008 by  
Category: Wrongful Death

In order to prove negligence, we need to do an investigation to discover the facts that our case will rest on. For instance, if the death happened in an automobile accident, we need to get statements from the witnesses. We may want to find the party believed to be responsible and ask them under oath […]

How Experts Help To Determine A Settlement In A Case Of Negligence During Childbirth

April 25, 2008 by  
Category: Personal Injury Law

To help determine a settlement, medical experts offer evidence concerning the additional requirements of this child as he or she is growing up. We might consult a specialist in artificial limbs, for example. Most of the time, these situations are not unique. They have happened before and experienced professionals can tell you what the needs […]

The Three Elements Required To Pursue A Negligence Case.

April 24, 2008 by  
Category: Featured, Personal Injury Law

In every negligence case, there are three elements. There has to be negligence, which means the standard of care was not met. There have to be damages. And there has to be a causal connection between the negligence and the damages. This causal connection may not always be so clear. For instance, consider the scenario […]

The Difficulties For Parents when They Pursue A Negligence Case Against A Trusted Professional.

April 23, 2008 by  
Category: Personal Injury Law

Sometimes when there is a bad outcome to childbirth, the parents are reluctant to pursue a negligence case against a doctor with whom they may have a long-standing relationship. But there are other issues involved in the situation, and these issues pertain to the child. An infant could be severely disabled by reason of the […]

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