August, 2010 Changes To The Way In Which Drinking And Driving Offences Will Be Dealt With In The Province Of Ontario

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August 3, 2010 is going to bring some significant changes to the way drinking and driving offenses are handled in the Province of Ontario. Previously, we’ve seen the federal government and the government of Ontario make changes to the law as part of their get-tough on crime approach. These changes have had the effect of, […]

The Difference Between Private Counsel And Duty Counsel In Ontario

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Duty counsels play an important role in assisting people who are unfortunate enough to find themselves in bail court without the help of their own lawyer. ODuty counsels are lawyers that are paid for by the Province of Ontario specifically to assist people in these circumstances. Duty counsels can give advice and can contact a […]

What Recourse Is Available To The Surviving Spouse In Ontario If His Or Her Common Law Partner Dies Intestate?

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When a common law partner dies intestate (that is, without a will), the surviving spouse has recourse to two claims on the estate of the deceased. The spouse can make a claim based on trust principles or can make a claim for support. Trust principles apply when a common law spouse has contributed money or […]

Mandatory Minimum Penalties For Impaired Driving

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All impaired driving charges carry the same penalties. In other words, an Impaired Driving is no different than an Over 80 and the Care and Control Impaired is no different than your standard full Care and Control Over 80. For the first charge, the mandatory minimum sentence is a $1000 fine, and a 1 year […]